Diamonds are popular gemstones which are found all over the world. However, among all the popular diamonds Blue diamonds are rare and considered as highly coveted gemstones. These diamonds are known for their attractive colour, which ranges from fancy dark blue to faint blue. These blue diamonds get their colour from the boron impurities found in the carbon structure. However, their intensity and value increase with the purity and intensity of colour. 

Because of their rarity, these diamonds are found in different carats. But the most popular ones are 1 carat blue diamonds. These diamonds are sourced from global mines. One of the greatest mines is found in South Africa near Pretoria. Also, their price is extremely high, which costs more than ordinary diamonds. Let’s move further to know the intensity and value of these blue diamonds. 

Intensity of 1 Carat Blue Diamonds

Diamond quality is based on the intensity of the four Cs. All of these measurements and metrics determine the value and price of blue diamonds. If you ever want to buy a 1-carat blue diamond, you need to first check out the four Cs of blue diamond to make the right purchasing decision. You might find different colours in blue diamonds as well. They all might contain different colour intensity levels. These are categorized as faint blue, light blue, fancy blue, fancy vivid blue, and fancy dark blue. 

Each of these diamonds contains a different intensity level, which looks beautiful and stunning. In the case of blue diamonds, if you find a more intense diamond colour, the price becomes higher, and they become more valuable. If you like to have dark blue diamonds, it might be hard to find out because darker blue diamonds are rare. 

Guide for Finding 1 Carat Blue Diamonds:

If you are looking to get your favorite hue blue diamond then you must take certain factors into consideration. Also, to avoid being scammed with other similar-looking stones like sapphire and aquamarine, you must focus on these important factors to buy the real 1 Carat blue diamond.

Always Focus on the Four Cs:

The quality of the 1-carat blue diamond can be found according to the four Cs ratio. If you are sure about the meaning of each C, then you can do your own research or ask the expert to make the right decision. Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat are the four major considerations that show the worth of a blue diamond. 

Comparing Diamond with Other Gemstones:

It is always a good option to compare the diamonds from different shops. Do not consider the one place to shop for your favourite blue diamond engagement ring. Fortunately, if you are looking for a one-stop solution, then consider Flawless Fine Jewellery. They are offering a range of blue diamond collections at the best prices. You will find eye-catching rings and jewellery options that meet your desires and requirements. 

Check Diamond Certification:

It is extremely important for you to choose diamonds that are certified by the AGS or GIA authority. However, this step is vital for you if you want to buy authentic and real blue diamonds. So, always make sure that the diamonds you buy from the jewellery store have a certification that shows the authenticity of the blue diamond collection.

Check Clarity and Precision:

Clarity is important to consider when it comes to checking the quality of 1-carat blue diamonds. As we know, the inclusions you might see in diamonds are hard to find in blue diamonds, but with expert guidance, you can check the precision and clarity of blue diamonds. 

The higher clarity you see of blue diamonds, it affects the overall price of that gemstone. Blue diamonds are Type 2 gemstones that are found with fewer inclusions. So make sure to buy those that have high clarity.


Blue diamonds are extremely rare and mesmerizing gemstones found in the market. However, you are unable to find these diamonds in different hues in one place. But at Flawless Fine Jewellery, you can find all types and ranges of blue diamonds in one place. You can get this diamond in different shapes, intensities, purity and sizes that meet your desired requirements! 

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