Anker has a lot of different types of chargers that you can buy from the company. This depends on the specifications that you need. Before you click on the purchase button, you should study the details of the charger that you will get to ensure that you are buying the right one. Here are the types of chargers that you can buy from Anker.

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Types of Chargers Offered by Anker

Based on Color

If there is a company that makes sleek and great-looking chargers in their line-up, it has to be Anker. They create products that do not just function well but also look nice. You can pick various colors of the chargers that you will buy from Anker. You may want to get one that is the same or blends well with your device. If you have a blue laptop, you may get a blue charger. If you have a black laptop, you may consider getting a black Anker charger. Other color options that you have are green, grey, purple, and white.

Based on Technology

Anker has made major improvements in the technology that is used on these chargers. They branded their series based on the innovation that they made on the chargers. You can choose to have a GaN Series charger, a Nano Series charger, or a Prime Series charger. The Nano series used a stacked design for the magnetic parts of the device to reduce the size and magnify the efficiency of the charger. The GaN series uses crystalline-like components that allow the chargers to conduct higher voltages. This also allows the device to gain more efficiency. The GaNPrime technology also uses the ultra-compact architecture design so that the chargers reduce the size by more than half. This makes it more convenient for the person to bring the charger anywhere.

Based on Type of Device

Chargers offered by Anker can be used for laptops, for phones, or even multiple devices. When purchasing a charger based on the type of device that you are using, it is best to know what type of devices you are actually using. This is to maximize the quality of the product without jeopardizing the cost. 

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Based on the Charger Type

You may also want to consider the charger type that you want to buy. This pertains to the type of charger you want to own and utilize. You may want a car charger or a desktop charger. You can get earbuds chargers, wall chargers, or Apple Watch chargers. With this in mind, you can decide on what type of charger you can pick from the store.

Based on Port Type

This means that you have to know whether you are going to need a USB-type A, a USB-type C, or both. You may want to look at the cable you are using so that you can determine which charger you can use.


Anker has the right product for you. If your laptop, tablet, phone, or other devices need charging, you can get a specific charger that will be able to restore the battery capacity of your mobile unit. You may want a wireless charger and you can be sure that Anker also has the perfect one for you. If you prefer multiple ports, you also have various choices of Anker chargers. With the type of charger that you pick, you are guaranteed quality and dependability for all your Anker products.What Chargers Does Anker Offer For Your Needs?

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