Eric Persson is a well-known figure in the gaming and poker world whose personal life reveals a stable and committed family man behind his professional achievements. Married to Ann in 2007, Eric Persson shares his life with four children, embodying the balance he maintains between his personal and professional endeavors. This article delves into both the personal and professional aspects of Persson’s life, providing insights into his journey from a poker enthusiast to a gaming mogul.

A Family Man and Business Leader

Personal Commitments and Family Life

Beyond his professional achievements, Eric Persson’s personal life is grounded in his role as a family man. Married with four children, Persson and his wife Ann have built a stable and nurturing environment for their family. Residing in the Las Vegas area, Persson is a devoted husband and father, showcasing a life enriched by strong family values. This aspect of his life adds a layer of depth to his persona, illustrating the importance he places on family alongside his business ventures.

From Gaming Enthusiast to Industry Mogul

Eric Persson’s journey in the gaming industry is marked by significant achievements and a deep-rooted passion for poker and business. Co-founding Maverick Gaming with Justin Beltram in 2017, Persson has steered the company to remarkable heights. With an initial investment of $43 million, Maverick Gaming has expanded its portfolio to include 31 gaming properties across Nevada, Colorado, and Washington by April 2023. Persson’s leadership and strategic vision have been pivotal in Maverick Gaming’s growth, emphasizing his role as a significant figure in the gaming industry.

Poker Achievements and Business Ventures

A Marked Presence in Poker

Eric Persson’s affinity for poker transcends his business pursuits, with his participation in televised poker matches garnering attention. His approach to poker, marked by strategic play and high stakes, has made him a notable figure in the poker community. Persson’s participation in history-making poker matches, including the largest pot in U.S. televised poker history, underscores his prominence in the poker world.

Building Maverick Gaming’s Brand

The establishment and expansion of Maverick Gaming under Eric Persson’s guidance highlight his entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of the gaming industry. Persson’s strategic acquisitions and management have positioned Maverick Gaming as a leader in regional gaming operations. His approach to business, rooted in authenticity and a gambler’s perspective, reflects in the company’s brand and operations.

Challenges and Legal Battles

Eric Persson’s tenure as CEO of Maverick Gaming has not been without challenges, including legal battles aimed at breaking monopolies on sports betting by tribal interests. These legal efforts, while controversial, demonstrate Persson’s commitment to fairness and competition within the gaming industry.

A Legacy in the Making

Eric Persson’s journey from a passionate poker player to a respected business leader in the gaming industry encapsulates a story of ambition, strategic acumen, and personal commitment. Balancing his family life with his professional endeavors, Persson exemplifies the dynamic between personal fulfillment and professional success. As he continues to build his legacy through Maverick Gaming and beyond, Eric Persson remains a figure of significant influence in both the gaming and poker worlds.


Is Eric Persson married?

Yes, Eric Persson is married to Ann since 2007, and they share four children together.

What is Eric Persson known for?

Eric Persson is renowned for founding Maverick Gaming and his significant contributions to the high-stakes poker scene.

How many casinos does Maverick Gaming own?

As of April 2023, Maverick Gaming owns 31 gaming properties across Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.

Has Eric Persson participated in televised poker matches?

Yes, Eric Persson has actively participated in televised poker matches, including the largest pot in U.S. televised poker history.

What is Eric Persson’s approach to building Maverick Gaming’s brand?

Eric Persson focuses on authenticity and leveraging his gambler’s perspective to build Maverick Gaming as a brand for gamblers by gamblers.


Eric Persson’s life is a remarkable blend of professional ambition and personal commitment. As the founder of Maverick Gaming and a noted poker player, his journey reflects a deep dedication to his family and an unwavering drive in the gaming industry. Through strategic business moves and a passion for poker, Persson has carved out a unique position for himself, balancing the dynamics of a successful career with a fulfilling personal life. His story is a testament to the power of combining professional success with personal values, making him a figure of inspiration in both the business and poker worlds.

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