Embarking on the journey of creating your dream garden involves more than just imagination—it requires meticulous planning and skilled execution. At the heart of this transformation lies the art of Garden Construction. This article explores the expertise of M&P McKeown Landscapes in constructing gardens, ensuring every detail of the design is brought to life.

The Art of Construction

The prowess of garden construction teams is a key factor in turning the vision of your Dream Garden into a tangible reality. With experience in building gardens of all shapes and sizes, M&P McKeown Landscapes assures clients that obstacles are met with solutions. The construction teams meticulously follow completed plans, ensuring that the garden mirrors the envisioned design.

Communication is Key

During the construction phase, effective communication becomes paramount. M&P McKeown Landscapes believes in keeping clients informed throughout the build, providing a transparent understanding of the progress being made. Scheduled deliveries and neighbor notifications are part of their commitment to a seamless construction experience, avoiding any inconvenience to the surrounding community.

Client Testimonials: A Testament to Excellence

Client satisfaction speaks volumes about the quality of garden construction. Testimonials highlight not only the impeccable workmanship but also the friendly and efficient service provided by McKeown Landscapes. From rebuilding and laying patios to edging flower beds and laying new turf lawns, the construction team’s attention to detail has consistently exceeded expectations.

Professor John Ritson’s Testimonial

“McKeown Landscapes Ltd; in the form of Matt and Pete McKeown are specialist garden landscapers and designers. We are highly delighted with the work they have done to our garden by way of re-building and laying patios, building and edging flower beds and laying a new turf lawn. Workmanship has been of the highest quality and they provided friendly and efficient service. They have at all times been accommodating to the initial garden design and have made suggestions for improvements as the work progressed from time to time. The work has been accomplished with painstaking thoroughness and reliability. We would recommend them without hesitation and would undoubtedly use them again should the need arise.”

April G-w’s Testimonial

“Matt and the guys completely overhauled our garden and turned it from a boggy, new build catastrophe, to something of splendor. The nicest team you could meet, professional, hard-working and 100% reliable. The work carried out is far beyond our expectations and we love our new garden. They had a fair bit to contend with, weather, mini sinkholes, builder’s rubble, tons (literally) of clay, not to mention me completely changing my mind on design a couple of times. Never once did any of them suck air in through their teeth, raise eyebrows or complain. Would we recommend them? Hell yes! Great work guys, thanks so much for finally giving us a garden we can be proud of?”

Our Work: A Visual Showcase

For those seeking inspiration, McKeown Landscapes provides a gallery showcasing a selection of their recent projects. From Telford, their diverse design team works to create the perfect garden for clients of all preferences and sizes.

About Us: A Legacy of Garden Construction

The Father and son duo, Peter and Matt McKeown, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their company, rooted in a background of garden construction and related roles. Peter’s career as a head forester and Matt’s hands-on experience from a young age contribute to their extensive skills in garden construction.

Our Experience

Building Dreams

Matt joined the family business straight after leaving school. His on-the-job learning and formal education paved the way for him to develop a passion for garden construction. After years of acquiring skills and knowledge, Matt was now capable of building the gardens he had dreamt of creating.

Skilled Team

In 2011, M&P McKeown Landscapes formed a partnership, growing the company and assembling a team of skilled landscapers and designers. This team possesses the knowledge and inspiration to guide clients through the entire process of designing and constructing their dream gardens.

Garden Design Services

Beyond construction, McKeown Landscapes offers comprehensive Garden Design services, focusing on enhancing the quality of living through thoughtful and creative landscaping. With over a decade of experience, they have been passionate about creating garden designs tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Garden Design

For more than ten years, McKeown Landscapes has been crafting garden designs, helping numerous clients achieve their vision for the perfect outdoor space.

Garden Construction

Their experienced construction teams, equipped with skills and inspiration, breathe life into Dream Gardens, ensuring every element of the design is meticulously executed.

Aftercare Maintenance

The journey doesn’t end with construction. McKeown Landscapes emphasizes the importance of aftercare and maintenance to ensure the longevity and vitality of your new garden.


In conclusion, the journey from vision to reality begins with the art of Garden Construction. M&P McKeown Landscapes, with their skilled teams and a legacy of excellence, stand as a reliable partner in turning dreams into tangible, vibrant gardens. If you’re seeking a retreat in your own backyard, let the journey commence with McKeown Landscapes. Contact them today and embark on the path to your dream garden, where every element of Garden Construction is crafted with precision and passion.

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