Before you choose software to track your employees’ output, you should make a list of the features that you need. The best software for keeping an eye on employees has a lot of features that make work easier and more productive, like

  • keeping track of events
  • Tools for keeping an eye on work from afar
  • Software for watching from afar
  • Forensics on IT systems, study of work processes, and finding insider threats
  • Keeping an eye on work
  • How to use technology
  • Tool for keeping track of time for remote workers
  • Time and Being There
  • The numbers for workers
  • Making plans for capacity

Here is a list of the seven best employee tracking software choices for 2024 to help you make your choice. This list is based on websites like PCMag and Forbes, as well as review sites’ rankings and user comments about how well something works.


Controlio is the name of the employee monitoring software that is easiest to use and understand.Some examples of control software monitoring solutions are workforce analytics, tracking of productivity and time, workflow analysis, software for online work, tracking of technology use, and more. Controlio sets itself apart from its rivals by offering strong IT forensics and insider threat detection tools to keep your data safe.


This program for keeping an eye on employees is mostly about security, but it also has all the usual features. Security features include alerts, activity blocking, controlling third-party vendors, and stopping threats from inside the company. Plan prices for Teramind start at $10 per user per month for groups of at least five.

Active Track

ActivTrak is one of the best PC monitoring programs because it combines tools for efficiency and remote team management. It gives you reports on output, trends, analysis, and more. The package also comes with security features like detecting file transfers, keeping track of computer activity, and taking pictures. It’s free to test for three users, but it costs $10 per month for each extra person after that.


As one of the best computer monitoring apps, Hubstaff combines simple employee monitoring, time tracking, and an app for remote workers. 


DeskTime has both tools for keeping an eye on employees and software for keeping track of their time. It comes with standard tools for keeping track of time and monitoring, such as tracking projects, figuring out output, and keeping time automatically and by hand. 

Time Doctor

If you want to analyze your workforce, Time Doctor is the best tool for keeping track of people. In its ads, it says that. 


RescueTime is one of the best apps for keeping track of your employees if your main goal is to measure and boost productivity. You can use it to keep track of your time, set goals and timers, set work hours, and see how much you use technology. You can try a full-featured subscription for free for 14 days, and they start at $12 a month for each person.

Last Words

Modern teams need to keep an eye on their workers, especially those who work from home. keeping an eye on how well WFH workers do their jobs without getting in the way of their work or invasion of their privacy. Because of this, it is important to choose an efficiency tracking tool that works well. This list will help you choose the best software for keeping track of the work of workers who work from home.

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